Why Choose White Glove Cleaning:

All of our equipment is the latest in cleaning technology, which combines with our highly trained professional cleaners to deliver the best results for your home. White Glove Cleaning is a professional cleaning company in Sydney that delivers an experience rather than a service. We are independently owned and offer a fast, cost-effective provision. 

We have developed an OH & S and risk management system that not only meets legislative requirements, but also ensures that site staff are consulted, understand, and are committed to safety at your work place. White Glove Cleaning has established their fantastic reputation for domestic and cpmmercial cleaning services through excellent attention to detail, tireless commitment to their customers and years of fruitful experience. Our cleaning services are unmatched in terms of quality, efficiency and eco-friendliness. 

When you use White Glove Cleaning, you can feel safe knowing the work will be done to the highest standards by our professional cleaners. We ensure our professional cleaning company delivers to the best possible standard. We have worked with clients of all sizes and we are confident that we can offer a range of services that are perfectly matched to your need.
With White Glove Cleaning you will receive the best service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Our customers rely on us to keep their facilities clean and presentable every day. Our expertise spans city streets, government buildings, and education campuses.We clean in food manufacturing, industrial, and refinery environments.We ensure complex national retail networks, hotels, shopping centres, commercial properties, and airport terminals are clean. We even look after remote mining townships and clean up after the crowds at major events.

Our work is underpinned by extensive networks of industry experts and resources. Our breadth of experience enables us to build replicable systems and processes, delivering efficiency and value to our customers. We provide a flexible labour force and local experience.As a dedicated cleaning business with a sharper focus on our customers' unique needs, we aim to deliver exemplary quality and enhance working environments.
-  Fully Insured
-  Independantly owned and operated    
 -  Sydney Regions
-  Experience   
-  Safely Oriented OH&S Policy
-  24 Hour Service
-  Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions          
-  Reasonable Rate/ Cleaning Packages
Whenever you need to have your home cleaned, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email or fill out our free quote form. You’ll find that other cleaning companies in Sydney are high-priced and use solutions which are filled with toxic chemicals. By hiring a locally owned and operated professional cleaning company, you are getting a more personalised service that actually cares about you and your property. We also offer a friendly and professional service and care about the standard work as you do about your home and office.